Hello new friends @ the BWY.

Firstly; thanks so much for such a warm welcome, we both really enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing our sounds with you and we’re delighted to have been received so well. Thank you very very much. Below is most of the SaturdaySoundWave, we hope you enjoy revisiting it. Remember, you can catch us every Sunday evening at 8pm, either here on Brilliant TV or on our Facebook page.

Secondly; just a gentle reminder that we’re always on the look out for people to collaborate with. If you’re interested in hosting us, please do get in touch, we’re always open to new ideas and are really keen to build a network across the country, so where ever you are, if we can do it, we will. 🙂

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Be Brilliant xxx

Dear BWY,

Laura and I are delighted to be part of this years Congress, we’d love to stay in touch and keep you up to date with our projects and adventures. On this page you will find links to short meditations for you to enjoy as well as a direct link to our SundaySoundWave page.

THE MAY TOUR: We also want to share with you details of our up coming tour this May.

If you’d like to be part of our next tour in November, we are currently putting dates together now. Please do get in touch with us if you are at all interested in this, we  are currently building a broad national network and we’d love you to be a part of this.

THE P.E.A.R.L PROGRAMME: We are really excited to share with you our flagship project. A 12 week programme exploring & dissolving negative core beliefs. This will launch on the 1st of July…

FINALLY: we’d like to thanks all at Congress and the BWY for creating a spcace for us to share our gifts with you. With Deepest gratitude, 

Mr &Mrs Brilliant.

AKA Laura & Gareth


We are aware that we’re preaching to the choir here when we say real change happens only from within. However, we also know that you know just how difficult the process of taking responsibility is, especially in the current climate where divisiveness, fear, uncertainty and anger appear ever more prevalent. We, like you know this is illusion and that real tranquility, peace and joy are states of being that emminate from the self. We, like you also know that these are contagious states that resonate throughout humanity, the planet and the Universe. So if this is such an easy concept to grasp, why oh why is it such a difficult concept to live? We have an answer and we have a way through!


It’s an old concept, but a powerful one, ‘give me the boy and i’ll show you the man’. The notion that you are conscious only 5% of your waking life is one that is gathering ever more traction, with the likes of Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton at the fore. It’s profundity is easy to grasp; that one is carrying ones parents lessons, further more, unconsciously passing them on to ones children. These are currently known as Core Beliefs and they can be both positive and negative. The P.E.A.R.L PROGRAMME is all about finding negative core beliefs and therefore, unwanted behaviour patterns, removing them and then replacing them with congruent beliefs. 

We all attract that which we resonate, so, the answer is simple, if you don’t like your lot, well Ghandi kinda nailed it:


The music we create changes your brainwave patterns from Alpha to Delta waves (this is like stepping back in time to you most formative years) therefore making it easier to take a look behind the fascade and make alterations to the hard wiring of your current consciousness. Is it time for you to break free from your ancestoral limitations?


Write to us for more info:



Twice a year we take to the road, travelling around the country with all of our instruments. It’s a real pleasure to meet friends new and old, sharing new melodies and stories and helping create sacred space for rest and rejuvenation. Each cycle we focus on something different, last time it was sleep & deep rest, this time, join us on this journey as we share a time honoured practice: METTA BHAVANA.

It’s all about relating to people, friends & family and ultimately yourself, helping you better understand what belongs to you and perhaps even where difficult relating comes from. Combining guided meditation with our signature SoundWave™️ you will feel extremely peaceful and full of loving compassion for yourself, and if your lucky may lead to a eureka moment; forever transforming your relating not only with yourself but with all others.

Please do get in touch if you’d like us to visit your community.



This is our weekly ‘radio’ show. 

Every Sunday evening we release a new recording. Focusing on the Luna cycles and the Shamanic Medicine Wheel this is all about grounding and focusing the mind. It’s purpose; to help people release the stresses of the week past and release anxieties of the week to come. By drawing your attention away from the humdrum of the world beyond the self. SundaySoundWave is a brief moment in the week where one can realign the self within the context of planetary cycles and the astral plane.

Take back Sunday for yourself. Join us. 8PM (GMT) 


If you sign up to the SundaySoundWave mailing list, we post  weekly news letters with extra information about the intention of the upcoming broadcast. These range from a few sentences to fine tune intent to in-depth discussions with guests and friends. We’re really excited to be inviting Karen Lawton, expert herbalist, political activist, leading educator, founder of Sensory Solutions, Wild & Wicked Witches and the Seed Sistas, to talk us through the powerful & fertile time of Beltain this coming May. Remember to sign up on the SundaySoundWave mail list.

Meditations (Gifts For You)

Everyone should meditate for an hour each day, unless they’re really really busy, then they should meditate for longer.

Here are links to 4 beautiful meditations for you, to re-centre in any environment. A delightful ONE MINUTE ‘toilet break’ meditation with one of our fantastic Tibetan bowls. The resonance on this instrument it sublime. A THREE MINUTE meditation to focus the mind on a sound, three minutes/three sounds; it’s a super quick way to step out of the drama and back into your centre. Finally a TEN MINUTE body scan, if you have the time to be still, make a point of using this powerful and calming meditation. May these be a balm for your heart.

Experience the potent sound of the gong.

The 108 gong recording is an excellent way to step into the world of SoundMedicine. There are no catches, it is completely free and, by signing up you will automatically join our mailing list. Yay! 

Goodluck. We we know you’re going to love the amazing gong.

Mr & Mrs Brilliant

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